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1946Yoshiaki Hamada, founding president, established Hamada Iron Works as a cooperative factory for Japan Steel Works Ltd, Hiroshima
1953Change of organization from Hamada Iron Works, a joint-stock company of 1 million yen capitalization
1961Start of construction of Hachihonmatsu plant in Hachihonmatsu-cho, Kamo-gun, Hiroshima, completed and opened in November, 1961
1961Start of manufacturing and selling of special purpose machine
1966Absorbed Tanaka Seiki Co., Ltd. To expand and increase production
1966Build a new building in November 1966
1969Capitalization increased to 15 million yen
1979Hamada Hiromi became president of the second generation
1989Established a joint venture with TRIM of Malaysia
1990Expansion of the Hachihonmatsu plant
1991Company name was changed to HAMADA CORPORATION
2001Certified ISO 9001 2000/JIS Q 9001:2000
2002Certified ISO 14001 1996/JIS Q 14001:1996
2005Hamada Tadahiko became president of the third generation
2008Capitalization increased to 30 million yen
2009Medium and small sized business support for development of products was adapted
2011Private business support for reinforcement of development and practical use was adapted
2012Hiroshima prefecture's engineering innovation support was adapted
2012Domestic business location expenses support was adapted