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President's Greeting

A Word From the Company's President

President of Hamada Corporation
Since the establishment of the company in 1953, we have expanded our business in manufacturing mainly automobile parts.
Presently, the automobile industry is in hybrid and electric cars. At the same time next generation automobiles are being developed. We are making an effort to reach the 3 future visions which we have set as our mid-term plan.
1) 5000 Million Yen Company
(Currently 2000 Million Yen)
2) Building Our Own Brand
3) Developing International Business
Our company responds to changes in society and the environment, while continuing to change and to innovate. We contribute to the society through manufacturing and aiming to expand the company. In order to expand, I believe the most important thing is making people.
While putting strength in educating individuals, we are also creating an atmosphere where an individual can feel pleasure in working.
Besides the automotive sector, due to the increase in mankind's life span, long lasting artificial joints for hip prosthesis are being demanded. Therefore, we have collaborated with Universities for research and development.
As a trusted company in society, I hope to continuously provide our employees hope, dreams and a lively workplace. I ask for your continuous support and cooperation in the future.