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Our Technology

【Spherical Machining】
We have designed and developed our own system for high-precision machining technology forming distinctive angles between revolving cutters and rotating materials. This highly-sophisticated technology has made the 0.1μm of sphericity cutting possible.
Mirror surface machining using self-developed 1.5mm thin-wall molding tools
Partially sphered products
【Mirror Finish】
It take many process and exclusive machines in order to make an accurate or very precised quality of a mirror finish. At our company,we use general-purpose machines,cut the costs,cut/mirror finish special metals into micron level. Currently expanding into the medical field.
Using our original tools for mirror finish
(Thickness of product:1.5mm)
Artificial joint
(Mirror Finished CoCrMo material)
Roundness/True Sphre:1.0micro m
Roughness:under Ra0.02
【Production Equipment】
We design and make our own jigs in every field for the productions. Therefore, we are able to meet to your requests in remodeling with flexibly and timely.
Jigs in the NC lathe for the auto oil pump parts
Jigs in the machining center for the manual transmission parts
【Special Machining】
We had achieved the Japan’s first mass production line of serrate cutting by making use of the NC lathe and special tools. We use self-developed tools for cutting and polishing in one operation using machining center.
Serrate cutting(Self-developed)
Sphericity part cut and polished in one operation
【Machining of Complicated Shapes】
We have technical know-how to produce high-precision machining in various products such as thin-walled parts and odd-shaped parts. CAD/CAM and 5-axes processing machine make possible to machine free formed.
Machined soccer ball from the 3D structural model
【Medical Component Development】
With our spherical cutting and polishing technology,we are cooperating With an University for research and developing a non-abrasion artificial joints. Using our abrasion test equipment to simulate the abrasion and evaluate the test piece in order to speed up the research.
5 axis machine
Testing of the abrasion on a test piece